The success of this project hinges on the support from both public

and private donations. Donations of any amount are accepted!


We are so close to reaching our funding goals!

After a lot of hard work over the 3.5 years, the Lapeer Dog Park is almost a reality. To date, the Friends of Lapeer Dog Park have raised upwards of $50,000 for the park. We've officially launched our final fundraiser, a crowdfunding campaign, through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) with a chance to raise an additional $100,000. This fundraiser will bring us to our ultimate funding goal and ground can break on the park in the spring or summer 2021.


This is where we need everyone's help in the community. If we reach our campaign goal of $50,000 it will trigger a matching grant of an additional $50,000 from the MEDC.


To donate and learn more about this exciting program, visit our campaign page at

Fido & Me Water Fountain: $5,000

Small Dog Play Equipment: $5,000

Large Dog Play Equipment: $15,000

Sun Shade Canopy: $20,000

Dog Waste Bag Dispensers: $100 each

Dog Waste Station: $300

Dog Spray Off Station: $2,500

Trash Receptacles: $350 each

Benches: $1,400 each

Concrete Bench Pads: $300 each

Dog Park Rules Sign: $2,000


Donor/Volunteer Recognition Sign: $2,000

5'x4' Chain Link Fence Gate: $2,450

5'x10' Chain Link Fence Gate: $3,000

5' Chain Link Fence: $40,000

Excavation: $10,000

*SOLD*  Water Service and Drain Plumbing: $12,000

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control: $4,000

Fine Aggregate Surface over Fabric, 6" thick: $20,000

Concrete Sidewalk or Pad: $24,600

Parking Lot Pavement Striping: $1,000

Cleanup & Restoration: $7,000

Below is a detailed breakdown of costs to build the Lapeer Dog Park.

All components are available for individual sponsorship, and we will accept donations of any amount.

Please contact us with any questions you may have!


100% of your donation goes towards the completion of the Lapeer Dog Park.